Dating herritage guitars

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Dating herritage guitars

Can I adjust the action of my Maton guitar with the screw on the bridge?

The screws on the bridge are only holding the piezo pickup from the inside of your guitar. You might damage your guitar if you tighten them too much.

When George Jakob Hunzinger patented his first piece of furniture in December of 1860, the United States was on the brink of a devastating Civil War.

Amid the growing pressures of industrialization, the country was split between those in favor of an old-fashioned bu…

Probably 3P body and 1P neck (nut width is 43.8mm)The neck is fine, truss rod is adjustable. This St115 also has the special engraved one also bares the little blue sticker on the back headstock showing its a st 115 the only thing is some previous owner had once a sort of locking nut on it hence the 3 little holes behind the nut,this can easely be filled with some natural color woodfiller,this all take not away the beauty-superb sound and playability of this ST-115. Price 775 euro HERE WE HAVE A VERY NICE SOUNDING AND PLAYING VINTAGE GRECO S-450 IN NATURAL ASH.

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In the early 1980s, Gibson, faced with excess production capacity, closed its historic Parsons Street factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan and relocated much of its production to its factory in Nashville, Tennessee.

Some of the Gibson employees who did not want to move their homes and families to Tennessee started production of guitars under a new name, "Heritage," which was likely meant to stake a claim to their guitar-making tradition.

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of inquiries, we may only be able to respond to successful applicants. For considering Maton Guitars, without the support of players from around the world we wouldn’t be the company we are today. All Maton Acoustic guitars are strung with Elixir Ultra-thin NANOWEB™ coated strings (.012 to .053).

All Maton Electrics come with Elixir OPTIWEB (.010-0.046) gauge strings as standard.

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The ST 115 models are a solid investment,but most of all superb guitars which are quality master built worthy. FENDER EVENTUALLY CHOSE THE GRECO FACTORY TO MAKE THE NOW FAMOUS JV SERIES.

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