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Intellij updating modified files

Some of these plugins are developed by Jet Brains, others by the community.

In Hibernate OGM, we use the same test site for all No SQL solutions.

I won't recommend keeping it there, so you don't have to bother with the permission issues.

It is best to use umake to set up your Android development [email protected] I copied it there and used the installation script I would run by sudo, but starts the installation again.

Due to no configuration option for that, you have to disable Maven integration in Intelli J at all to prevent Gradle plugin from running update indices tasks.

Google also provides Android Studio which is powered by the Intelli J platform.

If your list of repositories is long or not always reliable you might want to disable this useless task.

Can anyone recommend the best remedy for this situation?

I'd prefer not to move my installation to another directory.

Alternatively, you can set an environment variable globally in Intelli J - what they call parent environment variables. Paths Variables is not where global environment variables can be set.

or if it’s started using a special classloader, then it is considered a “production application”.

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