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ohini Reiss met Jessica Stonich, appropriately enough, in a bar. If Jennifer didn’t know you, or your name wasn’t on her clipboard, you didn’t get in—which is exactly why all the L. Rohini remembers Jessica approaching her for the first time at Dublin’s, when, she says, “Jessica said, ‘Oh my God, are you a model? Dublin’s upstairs door was run then by a woman named Jennifer who was notorious for preventing people from crossing her threshold on Monday nights. In Rohini’s estimation, there are no more than 100 people in the L. Jessica, who had spent an hour rummaging through Rohini’s closet, was wearing almost the identical outfit—the hip-hugging jeans and teensy top that became the stock uniform for club girls this summer. Scene, she is not referring to what most of us would imagine: a few bars in Silver Lake, the 35 or so clubs and bars currently found in Hollywood, the dozen roped-off rooms west of La Cienega. This is when club promoters like Jennifer and places like Dublin’s became important. But never has one existed this young, this rich, this powerful. “These days the agents walking up to my bar,” says a club owner, “are all 22, 23, 24—and they spend a lot of money.” Overnight successes, the children of the WB and the Murdoch empire needed a place to assume their royalty. Jason Davis, famous substance abuser and (apparently failed) Celebrity Rehab cast member, got popped for drug possession in Newport Beach, Calif., last night. That's right, Gummi Bear could be off the market, and permanently! He might have just moved passed Britney Spears in our office Death Pool. We're not sure what was on his mind, or how many animals he devoured during the holidays. The charge stems from his heroin arrest last month. From all appearances it seems as though newly rehabbed oily heir Jason Davis is engaged. You shouldn't smoke or do drugs, teenage celebrity gossip readers. From his day job, which involves doing absolutely nothing.Blake Fielder-Civil, take notice: A minor charge of heroin possession isn't about to keep the legendary Jason Davis (a.k.a. The Bear was sentenced to a 36-month drug program after pleading guilty to heroin possession and no contest to DUI today in a Van Nuys court. When sleazy and/or obese ursine specimens collide, look out, people! Gummi Bear, had zero problem ratting out his brother Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Hey, even the celebrity gossip world's greatest ursine specimen has to hibernate sometime. Greasy Bear, as a coke fiend to a drug dealer who called up looking for money ...

She previously served on the Fort Worth City Council.

Banks, 23, is charged with five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery.

Prosecutors say Banks and three other former Vanderbilt football players raped an unconscious woman in a dorm room on June 2013.

The filibuster brought Davis national attention, leading to speculation about a run for governor.

When Wendy was 19, she and Underwood separated, and she continued to live in their mobile home with Amber.

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Scene of the teen boom in entertainment, whose Big Bang can be dated exactly to 1996, when—in the period of one year—Scream, Bully the Vampire Slayer, Hanson’s “MMMBop,” I Know What You Did Last Summer, Titanic, and Dawson’s Creek all appeared and turned Hollywood into the land of opportunity for the very young.

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